Encore AVL began working with St. Mary Magdalen (Everett , Washington) in late 2018 to design a system for a remodel and expansion of the sanctuary.  They originally had a different speaker system designed for the room, however after hearing the Coda speakers at InfoComm in 2018 and learning more about the company and products Encore realized the CoRay4 was a superior product for the room. The room seats 800 people with highly reflective surfaces. The low-profile CoRAY4 was the perfect selection both aesthetically and acoustically being able to control the reverberant energy in the room. 
The CoRAY4’s cover the center seating section while a pair of HOPS5 cover the expanded side-seating areas. For the choir loft and delayed fills under the loft we employed the low-profile D5-Cube. The overall sound quality and small footprint in such a large open space was very impressive. 

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